Thursday, August 14, 2008

Homemade sloppy joes

Best served with tater tots or french fries.

1lb-1 1/2lb ground beef

chopped onion and green pepper <---pepper is optional. I buy those frozen bagged peppers 'n onions and chop them up. Much easier.

about 1 cup of ketchup <--maybe more maybe less.. your desired consistency

ABOUT an 1/8 c brown sugar <--again... it's all about taste and how you want it

couple good dashes of balsamic or apple cidar vinegar

couple good dashes of worchestersire sauce

big squirt of prepared mustard (1 tbsp or so)

Brown ground beef, add onion and peppers; drain fat.

Add your next 5 ingredients.. and simmer. I don't really measure..

I taste ;-) Enjoy!

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